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9° Edition 2019 /

International Prize Winner Fasch&Fuchs architekten

Federal School Aspern, Fasch&Fuchs. architekten, Austrian

The work “Federal School Aspern” by the  Viennese Fasch & Fuchs Architekten firm  wins the 9th edition of the Prize. The project transposes in a coherent and functional way the needs dictated by the  program which included the creation of  an organized school on new educational  concepts and open learning methods based on the relationships between  several classes.  The arrangement and overlap of the levels,  the permeability of the interior spaces,  the continuity between public spaces,  teaching spaces and the garden give  the building an inclusive and welcoming  character.  Transparency and lightness are the  guiding principle inside and outside the  school which, when illuminated from 
the inside, reveals the steel supporting.

Fondazione Cappochin
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International Prize Winner Fasch&Fuchs architekten

9° Edition 2019

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