6° Edition 2013 /

International Prize Winner Nunzio Gabriele Sciveres

A2M Social Housing, Nunzio Gabriele Sciveres, Italy

International Jury Motivation; A2M Social Housing, in Marina di Ragusa, is the best way to prove that  architect's talent can produce a high-quality solutionto a complex issue, in a nice anddifficult place. The project solves, with a refined design and with a thin, well-balanced composition, the challenge of building low-cost housings in a beautiful but often violated landscape. The architects of the awarded project faced with courage the task, producing accommodations of serene beauty which combine living-comforts with innovative solutions, compared to traditional social-housing. The authors developed together a small neighborhood whose contemporary aesthetics integrates well  in the traditional context. The project in Marina di Ragusa is not only a beautiful architecture in the sea of Sicily: it demonstrates responsible aesthetics and the importance of social and cultural aspects in the designing process. This project simply reaffirms that thought architecture can solve fundamental problems of contemporary living.

Fondazione Cappochin
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