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Renzo Piano Lectio Magistralis

Renzo Piano Lectio Magistralis

The guest lecture given by Renzo Piano  on 15 March, also the day that saw the  inauguration of the exhibition “RPBW -  piece by piece”, took place in the main  hall of the University of Padua, which was 
overflowing with academics, politicians,  administrators, people of culture  and youths, as well as two the other  “classrooms” provided by the University,  the square in front with a big screen and  the online connection platform.  In just over an hour, Renzo Piano retraced  his life, discussing architecture and  taking every listener “by the hand,” placing  them in front of the large, current and  urgent issues of architecture as a social  art, lightweight and eco-sustainable  building, gathering places, competitions,  renewable energy, traffic in the city and  more. The message he conveyed was  that architecture can become a tool for  improving the quality of human life, as a  construct can become a place for creating  and transporting inclusion, knowledge and  tolerance.

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