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10° Edition 21/22 /

Architectural Tables, RPBW, 10° edition

Temporary Exhibition of the best work selected by the International Jury

From 7 to 28 May, 2022, the Architecture Table returned to an iconic location in the center of Padua, in front of the renowned Café Pedrocchi and close to the University of Padua and the City Hall. On the Table, consisting of six marble blocks designed by Renzo Piano and realized by Laboratorio Morseletto for Architecture, were displayed winning works, mentioned works, and best works of the 10th edition of the Barbara Cappochin International Architecture Prize, selected by the International Jury.

After being in the central Via San Fermo for two editions, in 2017 and 2019, the Architecture Table returned to the heart of the city’s historic center to intrigue and to captivate passersby by offering them the opportunity to stop, read, observe the beauty of an architecture made in the name of quality, respect for the environment, sustainability, an architecture for people, on a human scale.

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