Architectural Tables, RPBW, 6° edition | FONDAZIONE BARBARA CAPPOCHIN
6° Edition 2013 /

Architectural Tables, RPBW, 6° edition

“Upon being asked to design a mobile table do display the projects from Barbara Cappochin Award, my mind immediately flicked towards Vicenza Stone and the idea of highlighting the natural beauty of this material. That vibrant pattern with evident signs of its coralline origins made me determined to interfere with my design as little as possible.
I went for quarry blocks, favouring the typical shapes and sizes of those quarrying techniques. Each block was then divided in half longitudinally. This produced two table tops for each quarried piece of stone, both bearing uneven quarrying marks on the sides and bottom. Then, I put them together in a rhythmic sequence, creating a 20 m -  long table.
Of course, I needed to find a way to secure the blocks to the ground, so we developed steel supporting structures that would, when carefully placed, hide the legs as much as possible, leaving the scene entirely to the stone. The height of these structures can be altered, making it possible to compensate for the size of the block o any slope the table might be on.”



Fondazione Cappochin
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